Did you know your kids can have their eyes tested from as young as one year old?


As well as monitoring the development of your child’s vision, regular visits to the optician allows our qualified and experienced optometrists to spot any potential problems at an early stage.

As with the majority of medical conditions, the sooner eye problems are diagnosed, the more likely they are to be successfully treated and any impacts on later life are reduced or prevented.

children eye sight


In most cases children aren’t even aware they have eye conditions, so don’t rely on them to tell you. Squints and excessive blinking are often indicators of a developing eye problem.


Problems with vision can mean difficulty seeing the board or reading at school, which can quickly develop into boredom, disruptive behaviour and even a lack of interest in education altogether. For this reason, it’s important to make sure your child has their eyes tested regularly.


Astigmatism, eye strain, colour blindness and short and long-sightedness are all common conditions that cause problems for children at an early age. To this end, we recommend the first examination to take place no later than their 4th birthday, but earlier if you have any concerns or if there is a history of lazy eye or squint.

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