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It’s no secret that to maintain healthy eyecare, it’s vital to receive regular eye examinations. Sadly, when it comes to looking after our hearing, many people don’t approach it with the same level of importance. With one in six people in the UK currently suffering from hearing loss, we believe that it is the responsibility of private healthcare providers such as Adlam & Coomber, to educate the public and provide exceptional audiology care to safeguard the local community’s aural health. This is why we have proudly partnered with Amplify Hearing. With over 30 years of audiological experience, their experts have ensured that St.Neots now has the very best in audiological provision. In keeping with our own key principles, Amplify Hearing offers exceptional clinical expertise, the latest in technology and the finest quality products, culminating in a service that can be truly life changing.


  • Hearing assessments
  • Wax removal micro suction, using the latest non-invasive techniques
  • Full aftercare service
  • Hearing devices
  • Repair and servicing
  • Live demonstrations of the latest digital technology
  • Tinnitus management


If you’re an existing hearing device wearer, Amplify Hearing provides a complementary service check to ensure your hearing device is still working efficiently. This can be as straight forward as removing wax or obstructions to the microphone inlet, adjustment and cleaning of battery contacts, volume control and calibration check and word tests to check how clearly you hear.


If you think your hearing may have deteriorated, it is important to have it checked professionally as soon as possible. The more your hearing ability declines, the more you will be asking a hearing device system to do in order to compensate. If the audiologist suspects that you may have a condition that requires medical attention, they will advise you to see an appropriate medical specialist but in all cases a visit to our audiologist will provide answers to your questions and offer you a choice of solutions.


During your appointment, your audiologist will measure your ability to hear different levels of sounds at various frequencies or pitch of tone. These are played through the headphones and your responses are recorded on what is called an audiogram. A basic word recognition score is also obtained to assess how your ability to communicate is being affected by your hearing.


Many people who suffer from hearing loss do not want to admit they have a problem, and often it is their friends and family who notice first. If you think you know someone that suffers from hearing loss, please share this information and pass on our contact details. All are very welcome. Contact Adlam & Coomber Optometrists on 01480 472051 to book an appointment or for further information

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