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Mythbusting contact lenses!

By on 2017-05-02

Ever considered getting contact lenses but felt put off by some of the negative myths surrounding them? We’re here to get the bottom of those myths and tell you they’re not true! Contact lenses are a fantastic, cost effective and hassle free alternative to glasses. Let the Myth Busting begin

  1. Contact Lenses can get s...   Read More

Carol's Story

By on 2017-05-02


In a number of ways my story is typical of many, gradually over a period of approx 2 years I noticed deterioration in my hearing. One of the first things I noticed was that my husband started to mumble! To be fair he is generally quietly spoken but I couldn't understand why he should all of a sudden have developed this annoying ...   Read More

Cedar House Surgery Visit

By on 2016-11-29

Adlam & Coomber were delighted to have been invited to Cedar House Surgery in November to present information to some of their team about the Minor Eye Condition Scheme.

Adlam and Coomber has been part of this new NHS initiative since it began late 2015 and is lucky to have two optometrists accredited to the scheme – Lee Thomas and Charlotte Wilson. They have both undertaken additional training to ensure they can offer the best advice and care to the patients presenting t...   Read More

November Fundraising for one of A&C's little ones

By on 2016-11-16

We have lots of little ones visit Adlam & Coomber, all of whom find a special place in our hearts.

Some of them run around and make a lot of noise, some can’t quite run yet but still can make a lot of noise and some are pretty frightened about the unknown world of opticians.  All are trea...   Read More

Dyslexia Week Guest blog: 'My Colorimetry Story' by Hannah Williams

By Hannah Williams on 2016-10-03

I’ll begin my story by saying that I have struggled with severe dyslexia for most of my life. Don’t worry though, my story has happy ending! It proves you just have to keep trying and it does all work out for the best in the end. 

Lets start from the beginning. In primary and junior school I was learning to read and was really slow with my progress. I was still stuck on the beginner’s books, while all of my friends had moved onto free readers.

Even at...   Read More

'My time at Adlam & Coomber' by Sue Martynski

By on 2016-09-22

When I took over Adlam & Coomber in September 2005, it was already a well renowned independent practice with a very loyal patient base; albeit with very part-time opening. It was an excellent place to start and enabled me to enhance what was already there. 

The first change that I dared to implement was increasing the opening hours to allow lunchtime and Saturday opening- that seems such a long time ago now! This was swiftly followed by computerisation plus a complete make...   Read More

Exclusive Tom Ford and Emilio Pucci fashion eve

By Nichola Mason - Practice Manager on 2016-05-13

We’re delighted to announce that from Saturday 28th May until Thursday 2nd June, we will once again be holding our in-store fashion event with some exciting exclusive additions to our ranges for this year!

Alongside the complete Tom Ford eyewear collection, we will also be showcasi...   Read More

New lines - Lindberg, the Horn Collection

By Nichola Mason - Practice Manager on 2016-04-25

We are excited to offer you a new range of Lindberg frames- the Horn Collection. 

They’re so exclusive that only a very small number of practices in East Anglia stock this prestigious range. Luckily for you, we’re one of them!

Every frame is unique in colour and comes beautifully presented. Lindberg frames offer meticulous attentio...   Read More

Stay Safe in the Snow

By Admin on 2016-01-18

The ski season is finally here and no doubt some of you snow lovers are counting down the days until you can put on your skis or jump onto your board.  But before you slalom down the slopes, there’s a few precautions you need to take in order to protect yourself from a dangerous combination of sun and snow. 

Being out and about on the mountains, where the air is that much cooler, can lead to a false sense of security. This can leave you at risk of sunburn and ultima...   Read More

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